Accommodation & Travel

Convenient accommodation and amenities are a prerequisite to an immersive spiritual experience. We understand people prefer an extended stay with friends and family. Even the Vedas state that a pilgrimage must be unhurried and relaxing. This is why we made sure excellent accommodation and amenities are available for tourists close to the temple.

Since the main goal is to make pilgrimages affordable to the wider cross-section of society, the temple society provides these cottages on a rent-free basis. We suggest you to call the temple authorities to make an advance reservation.
Cottages: Pilgrims can avail modern cottages very close to the temple during the stay. These comfortable cottages feature well-ventilated, fully furnished rooms with attached baths, an open veranda,common dining areas and a dedicated kitchen for pilgrims planning an extended stay.

Guest House: A VIP Guest House with all modern facilities accommodates visiting dignitaries to Sunkishala. With elegantly appointed bedrooms, attached western toilets, and all modern amenities and fixtures, the Guest House is sure to provide visitors a memorable experience.

KalyanaMandapam: The SunkishalaKalyanaManadapam has all the modern amenities to make the marriage ceremony beautiful and memorable. With a spacious banquet hall that can be configured and decorated the way you like, the KalyanaMandapa can accommodate 2000 guests. Designed specially in splendid South Indian architecture with exquisitely crafted woodwork, the Mandapam is especially designed for large gatherings to move freely and enjoy the natural ambience of its surroundings. Neatly maintained and surrounded by spacious open areas, the Mandapam is perfect to organise any kind of event – night or day.

Travel Situated at 80 KM from Hyderabad – the nearest International Airport, Sunkishala is easily reached by road from the city. Buses ply regularly on that route.
For people who wish to travel by train:

  • Alight at Bhongir Railway Station and travel 26 KM to reach Sunkishala
  • Alight at Valigonda Railway Station and travel 5 KM to reach Sunkishala