In Hinduism, to serve a man is to serve God. Helping a man in distress is the most important responsibility we all share. The Sunkishala temple has had a long tradition of helping the needy. We encourage willing supporters to contribute whatever they can in cash or kind towards the development of facilities and philanthropy initiatives run by the temple society. We will send you an official receipt confirming your donation.

Sai Baba once said, "Know for certain that he who feeds the hungry, really serves Me with food. Regard this as an axiom truth". (Sri SaiSatcharita). Annadanam (Food Donation) has been a popular and powerful means of charity followed in all religions from ancient times. If you take the poor and the needy to be the forms of God and feed them without caring for the fruits of your actions, you will be blessed.

You can sponsor and/or participate in an Annadanam programme by donating 300 INR. Twenty-five poor people will be fed on your behalf on a specific date.

We thank you for your support. May God grant you peace, prosperity and happiness!

Cheques or Drafts for donations and puja fee must be drawn in favour SVSSSSS Devalaya Committee and mailed to us at:
Sunkishala SV Temple, Sunkishala,
Nalgonda District,
Andhra Pradesh, India
Pin Code: 508112