Marriage is not simply a union of two individuals; it is a union of two families. The continued happiness of the families involved and the succeeding generations depends on how well both the man and wife walk hand in hand and support each other in achieving their collective goals. It's a bond for seven lives.

Owing to its importance, the Hindu tradition stipulates that the wedding take place on an auspicious day and time amidst family and friends whose blessings are considered beneficent.

The SunkishalaKalyanaManadapam has all the modern amenities to make the marriage ceremony beautiful and memorable. With a spacious banquet hall that can be configured and decorated the way you like, the KalyanaMandapa can accommodate 2000 guests. Designed specially in splendid South Indian architecture with exquisitely crafted woodwork, the Mandapam is especially designed for large gatherings to move freely and enjoy the natural ambience of its surroundings. Neatly maintained and surrounded by spacious open areas,the Mandapam is perfect to organise any kind of event – night or day.

The wedding hall also has four rooms that can be used for the bridal makeovers. With its proximity to the temple, devotees can solemnize their marriages in this sacred place without paying any fee.