The growing prominence of Sunkishala temple as a tourist destination stands as a testament to the noble vision and perseverance of Dr.PaillaMalla Reddy. Born into the respected, middle-class, agricultural family of PaillaSatti Reddy and Radhamma, Mr. Reddy's inspiring ascent into the top ranks of the US corporate world speaks to the brilliance and gumption of the man.

Dr. Reddy is not only distinguished in his success, but he stands out in his benevolence and concern for the underprivileged. Growing up in Sunkishala and attending the local government-run school, Dr. Reddy knows all about the trials and tribulations of the rural population.Due to its remoteness, Sunkishala did not have good educational institutions and students often had to travel far to continue their studies, which forced them to drop out. But with sheer determination, Dr. Reddy excelled academically, receiving a bachelor's degree from Osmania University and completing his masters and Ph.D. from Kanpur University.

After his education, Dr.Reddy worked in Nigeria before moving to the US, where he gave free rein to his entrepreneurial vision to set up three successful pharmaceutical companies of which he now serves as a Chairman. One of the strong undercurrents of his life has been his mission to give his succeeding generations in Sunkishala better opportunities than the ones he had while growing up.

Dr. Reddy believes that all human beings must be given a chance to realise their potential and live a decent life. This intent is what drives his efforts to develop his village and transform the livelihoods of its inhabitants.From being a village where most languished in poverty and disease, Sunkishala, thanks to Dr. Reddy's vision, is now taking giant strides in all-round, sustainable development and is on its way to becoming an worthy example for other villages to emulate.

Dr. Reddy's strategy for development of Sunkishala follows a three-pronged approach: investment in healthcare, education and care for the physically challenged, in addition to the management of Sunkishala temple.

Using his business acumen, Dr. Reddy ensures his philanthropic endeavours are effective and efficient thereby providing succour and support to people on the ground – rather than simply becoming charity activities. An indicative list of Dr. Reddy's philanthropy initiatives (not exhaustive) conducted under the aegis of the trust is below:

In a knowledge economy, education offers the best opportunity for the poor to escape the jaws of poverty and achieve long-term success. Dr. Reddy firmly believes that best way to empower the poor is by ensuring they have access to world-class educational institutional institutions within reach and within cost. Not just the tuition fee, the poor cannot afford traveling long distances and buying books and stationery. In India, an estimated 50 per cent students drop out of schools. To address this issue, Dr. Reddy donated land, funds and his knowledge to build a modern school and college with great infrastructure and skilled teachers at Sunkishala.

School Education Initiatives
School is the formative period of anyone's life. A good school with successful alumni inspires young students to focus on education and paves the way to a better life. In order to improve the standards of school education, Dr. Reddy leased out land for the local school and donated funds for its annual maintenance. Every month, scholarships of 4000 INR are offered to 25 deserving students to support their education.A state-level school sports event is sponsored annually.

College Education Initiatives
College education is expensive and cuts off the poor. To provide the impetus for students to continue their education beyond school, Dr. Reddy donated land and 20 million INR for the construction of the state-of-the-art Sri Venkateshwara Government Junior College at Valigonda in the Nalgonda district of India. Dr. Reddy also donated money to pay faculty salaries for two years. Inaugurated on December 31, 2005 by the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, the late Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, the college with its excellent infrastructure, advanced classrooms and labs will benefit students from the nearby villages who otherwise had to commute long distances everyday. Dr. Reddy also pays the admission fee for more than 1000 students every year. An annual district-level sports meet is sponsored to nurture the athletic skills of students.

Healthcare 1. Nalgonda district suffers from poor drinking water quality. Over one million people suffer from Fluorosis – a disease that causes skeletal damage due to the ingestion of excess fluoride in drinking water. In order to alleviate the misery and uphold every man's basic human right of access to clean drinking water, Dr. Reddy invested money and resources to build a Water Treatment Unit for Valigonda villagers. This unit takes in ground water and through a process of de-fluoridation removes impurities to provide clean drinking water to people. After the unit went into operation, the incidence of Fluorosis in Valigonda has come down and people now suffer remarkably less from water-borne diseases now. Money is also donated to fund the treatment of Fluorosis victims.

2. Medical camps (health check-up and eye check-up) conducted every two years and medicines and medical aids distributed free of cost to the local people.

3. Funding surgical operations for the needy with serious ailments.

4. Support to initiatives for eradicating leprosy.

Care for the Needy
1. Care for orphans in the 29 villages in ValigondaMandal with a monthly allowance distributed through post.

2. Monthly pension for old age people in Valigonda Mandal.

3. Monthly sustenance allowance for identified leprosy patients in RedlaRepaka village.

4. Support to physically challenged people.

Other Initiatives 1. Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy garu has spent more than Rs. 2.2 Crores for the college building and more than 1.2 Crores for school building and infrastructure.

2. Yearly more than Rs. 2 Lakhs are paid towards admission fee of under privileged students.

3. For the year 2013 State Volleyball Tournament, conducted at Valigonda High School, more than Rs. 6 Lakhs were donated to run this event. This happens annually.

4. He has donated more than 6 acres land and funds for the construction of the police station, Mandal Revenue Office and other Government offices.

5. He also takes care of salaries paid to the 'vidya volunteers' for U.P School at Sunkishala.

6. Priest salaries, upkeep charges, event funding is paid from the interest accrued on the money donated by Dr. Reddy in the form of a fixed deposit.